About PowerSeal

Edward J. Powers

Edward J. Powers

Our History

PowerSeal Pipeline Products Corporation was formed in 1985 when assets of the Special Products Division of the Clow Corporation were purchased by Edward J. Powers, a vice president and twenty-five year employee of Clow.

The headquarters of the company and its manufacturing are located in Wichita Falls, Texas where it´s skilled employees are engaged in the design, manufacture, and sale of a complete line of the highest quality pipeline accessories and tools available.

The end products are primarily used by fluid and gas distribution construction industries for the repair, maintenance, and new construction of potable water and sanitary sewer lines, agricultural irrigation lines, natural gas distribution lines, and low-pressure oil gathering lines. 

What We Do

PowerSeal is a family owned and operated company built on a foundation which stresses strong customer relationships, exemplary customer service, and top notch quality. In a world full of massive conglomerates which preach the bottom line above all else, we put our customers ahead of ourselves.  

By employing American workers, hand crafting American products, you can be assured that your business is directly reinvested into the US economy supporting the lives of our proud staff and your customers alike. 


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IAPMO Research and testing Certificate of listing (NSF61) PowerSeal Pipeline Products Corporation