Information:The PowerSeal wraparound design facilitates installation when the carrier line has already been installed and the job is complete. Pull on design available per request.
Simply wrap the EndSeal around the carrier and casing pipes, press the industrial grade adhesive strips together, and secure with the stainless steel clamps.
EndSeals may be manufactured for any carrier/casing differential. They are used to create a seal between the carrier pipe and casing to insure filler material is maintained within or foreign objects kept out of the annular space.
And, unlike link-type sealing blocks that are limited by the carrier/casing differential and can only be used on a concentric profile, these EndSeals are totally flexible. They are constructed from 1/8” thick synthetic rubber assuring excellent chemical resistance and resiliency.
These products out perform the costly and labor intensive brick and mortar method of sealing casing ends.
While soil stress and pipe movement cause mortar to crack, the EndSeal moves with the pipe, insuring the integrity of the seal.